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. angie, how's the traffic. >> we have one early-morning tieup out of fredericksburg, virginia and looks like it has cleared. this is 95 northbound at route 17. move over to route 395 an show you the commute in to dc. as we take you to 66 lanes are wide open out of gainesville to centreville and beyond and then we are seeing drivers at speed and no fog to deal with this morning, unlike yesterday on 270 out of frederick past 121 to the spur. 95 southbound. we are dealing with construction between 198 and powder mill. we know along the way you will lose part of the right lane and northbound we have construction on the same stretch but we are hearing the lanes are open. back to andrea. >>> a second prince georges county police officer has been suspended in connection with this beating of a university of maryland student captured on videotape last month. the department says its investigating two other officers in the incident. as gary reports it is expanding its investigation to include additional incidents of possible police abuse that same night. >> reporter: in a year's old unruly traditi
across the world including virginia lieutenant governor bolling. he's stuck in italy the ash cloud is affecting the deployment of u.s. troops. many have been stucked at bwi for several days. some are getting hotel rooms and others are staying with friends and others are taking advantage of the uso lounge. >> instead of having to stay out in the concourses or walk the halls of the airport, we are here so they have a comfortable place to stay. they can stowe their bags. if they have enough time they can take a light rail in the harbor from here. >> reporter: some offering their homes for troops to stay in for free. >>> in the news now, u.s. and iraqi forces killed the top two members of allocate that in iraq. they were killed during a night time raid. on monday, vice president joe biden said the killings are potentially devastating blow 0 the terrorist network in iraq. the operation was carried out based on intelligence that iraqi security forces had gathered. >>> a senate committee subpoenaed the obama administration for information on last year's mass shooting at the ft. hood army
on the beltway in virginia. road crews are set up at 50. 395 where it meets 95. and 66. speaking of 66, i want to show you the drive is nice and quiet out of manassas continuing through centreville. we are seeing construction on 270. it is heading northbound between montgomery village avenue and clopper road. already a few morning drivers out there. 95 northbound. we have construction here at powder mill. drivers are losing three lanes because of it. it should be clearing in the next half hour or so. look at the outer loop. in maryland doing fine. the outer loop between river road and the spur is where you can expect to see road crews on the side of the road. and i can't recollect back to you. >>> it's business as usual on captiol hill. the republicans say no to a democratic proposal and the democrats say they will try again. the issue, president obama's push for financial reform. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: the third straight day republicans will try to pry open the door to financial reform. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: they blocked debate on the measure for a seco
in the latest poll. >>> northrop grumman is moving corporate headquarters to virginia. it is not certain where in virginia but governor mcdonnell will come to arlington tomorrow to make the announcement. northrop grumman headquarters currently have 300 people. they provide aerospace, electronics information, shipbuilding and technical services. >>> both virginia and maryland are in the top ten rankings of states with mortgage fraud. maryland is sixth in the 2009 rankings while virginia is tenth. compared to last year, maryland is lower but just one spot and virginia rooked up to 24th in 2008. >>> in the news now, crews are racing to seal off an under water oil well that is spilling 42,000-gallons a day in to the gulf of mexico. the well began to leak after it exploded last week. repair crews are trying to use a remote control sub to reach the well head. it could reach the shore in as little as three days. >>> the brother of the late polish president says he will run in the election to replace his twin killed in a plane crash earlier this month. he says he will continue the mission of his broth
the midwest in to the ohio and tennessee valley. southern virginia in to north carolina. however, we will see off and on showers and keep temperatures on the cool side. we start 50. some 40s. it is 53 charlottesville and reston. we are 54 this morning and not a lot of movement. temperatures noon upper 50s. 61 for a high but occasional light rain and showers so grab the rain gear. >>> rain hasn't caused too many problems. a lot of construction on the beltway in virginia. losing a ramp receive detours are in place. going to the cameras, checking out 66 eastbound no problems centreville to 50. clear there. going back to the graphics we will switch over to 95 southbound. you are at 216 and 198 losing two lanes there. northbound at powder mill, you have construction to watch for. on the outer loop in maryland between 95 and 270 no issues here. on the wilson bridge on the outer loop you have two left lanes blocked. watch for construction there. andrea? >> today congress takes up safety issues aboard metro transit. at 10:00 this morning the house committee on oversight and reform will investigate me
in february. >>> police are looking for a man accused of raping a woman in alexandria, virginia. it happened a few blocks east of the king street metro stop. the man grabbed the victim and threatened her with a cutter. police do not have a detailed description of the suspect. investigators are hoping anyone with information about the case will come forward. >>> letters telling hundreds of virginia felons to write a personal letter to the governor to get voting rights back were in error. a spokesman for the governor says the potential requirement is only a draft policy proposal. the letter stated as a new requirement nonviolent offenders must explain the circumstances of their arrest and conviction and detail their efforts to get a job and seek an education. virginia would be the only state to require a letter for thes restore ration of civil rights. >>> the death toll continues to rise from a strong earthquake in western china. there are reports that 300 are dead and 8,000 hurt as rescue workers struggle to dig people out. the u.s. geological survey says it measures 6.9. rescue efforts were
. >>> virginia lawmakers approvalled a gun safety bill. it will require virginia's education department to create a new gun safety program for elementary schools, and that program must use guidelines from the national rifle association. specifically material involving an nra gun safety mascot called eddie eagle. it will still be up to local school boards to decide whether too offer the gun safety program in their school. >>> montgomery county is in worse financial shape than originally thought. yesterday county executive ike leggett presented budget proposals to make up for money loss as a result in a drop of county revenue and less state funding. it includes doubling the energy tax, raising cell phone tax by 50%, reducing earned income tax credit by 33% and reducing pension payments made to county employees. >>> in the news now, 11 suspected pirates could appear in court as early as today. they are accused of firing on two u.s. navy vessels in two incidents off the coast of africa. the suspects were flown to the u.s. on thursday. >>> the search continues for 11 workers missing from the gulf of m
are fine out of frederick all the way to the split. hey, virginia, what's up on 66. lanes are wide open through gainesville and centreville to inside the beltway. speaking of 495 and 123. not going to be able to access the ramp going northbound. outer loop is checking out fine 95 to 66 and speaking of 95 no delays dumfries to the mixing bowl. back to you. >>> montgomery county police are verdicting whether students at two local schools made and distributed sexually explicit photographs which were told on school grounds. the child pornography scandal involves children at pile middle school and whitman high school. andrea mccarren has more. >> reporter: in the halls of pyle middle school, an ipod touch containing a dozen sexually explicit images of students was a hot commodity. >> some nudity. some of the photos were scantily clad. there wasn't any kind of acts or anything that we know of. >> reporter: a small group of boys allegedly sold access to the still photos and even videos at school for anywhere from 3 to $15. >> most kids at the school have seen the pictures. they were distribute
from the pennsylvania burdener to north central virginia and the washington area until 9:00 a.m. in southern maryland, but quickly dropping off here in dc. dulles, leesburg, gaithersburg visibility. quarter mile culpeper, winchester and hagerstown and eight up in baltimore. annapolis a quarter mile, york, pennsylvania a quarter mile. temperatures 40s, 41 laytonsville with dense fog and 52 here in washington. here's angie with more. >> this is a blanket traffic report. we don't have incidents or accidents to report but the low visibility is the top story this this morning. 95 northbound you are okay with visibility until you hit the capital beltway and that's where it gets really bad. if you switch to the beltway in virginia 95 to 66 we are seeing thick fog the same for 66 as well as on the dulles toll road. you will not be able to go at speed if you plan to hit the roads within the next 15 to 20 minutes. in frederick, where's the roads an the lanes. the picture speaks for itself. around river road is where you may have a little clarity. in to the district things clear out a li
virginia. 18-year-old joshua freeman of front royal, virginia was shot and killed early saturday morning. police say someone fired ten times in to a crowd near the campus just after a party. a second person was shot in the ankle. >>> police are searching for the person responsible for a weekend shooting. two men were shot at north capital and o streets northwest. all of the victims are expected to recover. investigators have no suspects in custody. >>> police are searching for answers in the murder of a beloved educator. 42-year-old brian betts was found inside of his silver spring home on thursday. he was the principal at sean middle school in east washington. they recovered his stolen blue suv in a southeast neighborhood. at this point police aren't saying much about this case. it is rumored a group of teenagers was seen running from the vehicle on friday afternoon. >>> today, hundreds of gun rights activists are expected to descend on the national mall. organizers of the second amendment march want to remind lawmakers and fellow americans that it is their right to bare arms. the march
virginia tech university. the west baptist church claims the school is cursed by god because it promotes homo sexuality and idol worshiping. several tech students plan a peaceful counter protest against what they say is the church's hate speech. >>> washington region is home to the best real estate values in the country. gm-s highly publicized car is ready for you to take a test drive. it's 4:36, we'll be right back. >>> no issues on the toll road in virginia this morning. time for the first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. >>> we will see if wall street will make a come back after taking small losses. overnight asian stocks headed higher. here it's the start of a new quarter on wall street. we will get key economic reports including construction spending and unemployment. today the automakers will report sales numbers and analysts are betting on gains. checking the numbers, dow stands this morning at 10,856. after falling more than 50 points yesterday. nasdaq also took a hit, down 13 points. sp500 off four points. >>> home prices in the washi
. 66 everything is clear through centreville. take it to the beltway in virginia. 95 to 66 a lot of construction sites here. little river turnpike near the 66 exit also near route 50 and the 495 and speaking of 95 is how we wrap up out of fredericksburg. lanes are wide open. back to you. >>> day two of the nuclear security summit gets underway in a few hours at the washington convention center. president obama is hoping to get world leaders to agree to secure all vulnerable nuclear weapons worldwide within four years. tara mergener has more. >> president obama hopes by the end of today world leaders will agree on a plan to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists. >> the threat of nuclear terrorism is real. it is serious. it is growing. >> reporter: the president's counterterrorism chief stressed the need for urgency on monday. he warned that al-qaeda is actively looking for the key ingredients for a nuclear bomb and someone who could assemble it. >> we cannot wait any longer before we lock down these stockpiles. >> reporter: as part of an effort to secure the mater
showers to the west up and down the 81 corridor through west virginia north and west of washington this morning. over on live doppler 9000 hd we will take you on a tour of the of the region. south and east of town it is quiet. in the shenandoah valley over to areas south just south and east of woodstock that will pass through i-66 maybe around strasburg in a while and then moving to the northeast, 20 to 30 miles an hour. on loudoun county out of berryville in to purcellville, that's a rough ride. some heavier downpours with that and up to meyersville and hagerstown. montgomery montgomery county, howard county up to mount scary carroll county seeing light sprinkles. we will go to the 60s to low 70s in low 70s with cooler air for the day. i will let you know when we will clear out. right now it is time for traffic with angie. ever hello early risers. glad you could join us on this monday morning. 95 -- 95 and the bw parkway, so far so good. smooth commute from baltimore to powder mill. as we show you the inner and outer loop slick pavement to deal with but this is north of the distri
crews out and about between 198 and powder mill. then on 66 headed eastbound, hey, virginia, nice and light, nice and quiet here making your way from centreville to the beltway. 395, i have no complaints. we have a good amount of early morning drivers so far. and 95 before that headed northbound, you are doing okay. it's southbound we're seeing that car fire and crews that have responded at the fairfax county parkway exit. overall, things are not looking so bad early on this friday morning. andrea, back to you. >>> federal prosecutors added new charges in the case against d.c. councilman jim graham's former chief of staff. last september he was charged with two counts of bribery. now a new indictment adds charges of conspiracy, extortion and making false statements. after the arrest, graham gave up his council position overseeing the taxi industry. >>> former maryland police chief david ikeleburger was indicted last november on selling a .40 caliber pistol and shotgun he had stolen from his police department. he allegedly sold the firearm to a local business owner for $600, and
prove otherwise. a similar law was passed in prince william county, virginia. we see how it worked so far. >> when prince william county passed a bill similar to arizona's law there were expressions, expressing outrage and praise. >> since the law went in to affect we have thousands of illegal aliens leaving our community. our crime rate dropped 38% in two years. >> reporter: corey stewart say the community has been transformed for the better. more than 2300 illegal immigrants have been deported. >> we ended up changing our policy a little bit to check essentially everybody who is arrested for any crime whatsoever. that eliminated the possibility of racial profiling. >> our county was severely hurt economically. many people left the county. prince william has had some of the biggest depreciation of homes of anywhere in this area. >> reporter: nancy says the law devastated prince william county and continues to undermine public safety. >> people don't come forward to testify as witnesses. they are afraid to do that. they are afraid to report crime. >> reporter: the issue is clearly div
: though she was born in virginia and planted her activists route roots in harlem, they claimed her as her own. >> she is national treasure to those of us in washington, d.c. we think of her as a washingtonian. >> reporter: and dorothy height did fight many of her battles here. >> dorothy could not live with us, immersing herself in the life of us, and dc voting rights became one of her great causes, too. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton reminded worshipers that height's life was not defined by one struggle of equality. >> she understood as one of the few leaders of her time or any time. >> reporter: it was a night of serious tribute but no celebration of do dorothy height could neglect her love of those trademark hats. >> she was a supportive for the women's movement and for integration before the primary goal of the civil rights movement and now she doesn't want nuns to be the only people with something on their heads. >> there were charming and personal memories last night but also serious reminder of a serious legacy built over a century of life. there is work to do. do
be wrapping up in the next half-hour or so. back to virginia, construction around 50 and 123 and braddock road, around 123 you cannot access to go northbound, they are doing stuff out there and it should be, as i mentioned before cleared up by 5:00. 395 checking out ok from the beltway to the 41st street -- 14th street bridge. >>> we begin with breaking news from prince george's county. a townhouse complex fire which began shortly after 2:00 a.m. it broke out in the 7800 block of jacobs drive in greenbelt not far from route 193. "9news now" reporter krystyn -- kristin fisher gines us with the later. >> reporter: 14 fire departments responded. they are now getting ready to leave but the fire is now out. this is what it looked like at the peak of the blaze. this was taken by one of our production assistance who lives near the scene. five townhouses involved, three completely destroyed, two sustained severe water damage. nobody was injured. the bad news, however, 18 people are now without a place to go, without a home. 16 adults and two infants have been displaced in this fire. again, the fire i
virginia. officials there pulled rescuers back thursday due to dangerous levels of methane gas. as terrell brown reports, they have since resumed the search. >> reporter: rescue teams are back inside the upper big branch mines heading for the safe rooms where the missing miners could be alive. >> the plan is for two teams to go underground and visit both refuge chambers. >> reporter: to ensure that the air remains safe, nitrogen is being pumped into the mines to newly trallize toxic gas. they are also trying to remove the bodies of the confirmed dead. >> i believe the families are relieved knowing that this process is starting, which the end will be near. >> reporter: early on thursday, explosive levels of gas forced rescue teams to end their search and turn back. they were within 500 feet of a rescue room. >> we committed to the families that we wanted to get into the chambers within 96 hours, and we're trying to do everything in our power to do that. >> reporter: some family members haven't left the waiting area near the mine since monday afternoon. they gather strength from each other a
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